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Friday, December 6, 2013

An Introduction

Hi Everyone!!!

Hi my name is Allison and I have been elected to introduce all of us dolls that you will be seeing here on this blog. (I heard a rumor that we might even get to be in some videos but I am not sure yet about that)

Anyway I'm Allison and I am here with my friends, and my brother and his best friend so that you can meet all of us at one time. We decided to get together for some pizza, since it is always a good time for pizza.

I was told to keep this short so here goes:

I love to ice skate I used to skate all the time where I used to live but there isn't a rink here. Mom says that she thinks one will be built soon and when it is we can all go skating, I am so excited. I hope my skates still fit.

I also love to read, I love horses (mom says maybe we can get a horse soon) and my favorite color is purple.


This is my brother, Michael, he really loves anything to do with space and space travel and he loves to read sci-fi books and watch movies about space. His favorite color is red and when he isn't driving me nuts we get along pretty well.


This is my best friend Molly, she loves to read too and she also loves to write and do just about anything on the computer. She is probably the only reason I passed our science class last year.


This is Jeremy, he's Michael's best friend and he likes to do stuff outside, he loves to skate board, he can play just about any sport that has a ball involved and he also loves to read. He and Michael have a lot of fun together just being guys.


This is our friend Jennifer, she loves to skate, both roller skate and ice skate. She is going to teach me to roller skate really soon.


And this is Jazmin, she loves animals and anything to do with music. She is always singing and she is really really good at it. She also loves animals and wants to grow up to help them in some way.

So that's the gang I hope you come back to see what we are up to from time to time.

Some posts on this blog will be about us and what we are doing and some will be just about the stuff that Joanne is making.

Talk to you later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oops, don't think my first comment posted.

    Joanne, what a delightful blog!! I was so happy to meet everyone here. Great job and keep up the good work.

    Melinda C from

  2. You really do have a talent for making the mini food! I am anxious to see more of your stories. Linda who saw your post on AGBuddies2

  3. Loved this page. Now that you have inspired me I must get my girls out and make them some things

  4. Am I am so very thrilled you decided to do this! Now, in your spare time you can do one for Barbie too ;) I'm like you. I love 1:12 scale but I also collect and create for 18" and 11 1/2" dolls so I'm doing the happy dance over here right now!

  5. Hi Joanne! I learned about your blog from SGOT's. It is really cute. I love the minis you have made. They are adorable, as are your dolls!