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Monday, December 9, 2013

Print Minis Contemporary Collection- set 1 Breakfast Glory Collection

I don't know if you are familiar with the site Paper Minis (find it here) but I am a huge fan of the site. It is run by a wonderful lady by the name of Ann and she makes and sells the most wonderful printies I have ever run across. She also puts out a free newsletter which I have subscribed to for many years. Most of her stock is in dollhouse size (1/12th scale) but some of it also comes in Barbie size (1/6th scale) as well as American Girl size (1/3rd scale) Since my background is dollhouse miniatures I have used many of her items over the years. One of the best parts of her free newsletter is that she includes a link to her free printables with it. Most of the free ones come in all scales and there is a wide array of themes.

Now back to the topic I want to talk about today. A few years ago when Ann came out with her Contemporary Collection I subscribed to the set in dollhouse size. I enjoyed getting those pre-printed sheets every month and had a blast putting them all together. I decided this year to subscribe to the same set in the larger 18” doll size. The larger scale set is a little different in that it comes on a CD for you to print out what you need. I think that is going to be a lot of fun and if you mess up one of the pieces you can print another. If you mess up the pre-printed kits you are just out of luck. I received my first installment in the series a few weeks ago but I was too busy to do anything with it until  last week. One thing you do need to print out this kit (in addition to a good printer) is some photo quality paper. I didn't have any on hand so I put it on my shopping list for the week. I only had time to go to my store that I do my grocery shopping in and although it is kind of like a “super store” they only had matte finish photo paper and I really needed to have a semi-gloss paper. I decided to go ahead and get what I could and then coat my finished pieces with some Mod Podge and so far it seems to be working just fine. Hopefully I can get some of the semi-gloss paper next time I actually get into town. (For those that don't know I live in a rural area so trips to town are few and far between)

The first installment of the Contemporary Collection is a wide array of breakfast items for your dolls to enjoy. There are even inserts to for the doughnut box and the English Muffin package to make it look like they really contain the correct items. Since my background in dollhouse miniatures is primarily dollhouse foods I will be making my own foods to fill all (or at least most) of my sets in the series.

I want to share my finished pieces with you here. You will probably be seeing the kids using some of these items in future blog posts so stay tuned for those. I will also be posting as I get the rest of the series and complete them so you can see how they turn out. 

The only piece I really was not happy with when it was finished was the egg carton so I just glued the lid shut and that fixed that problem. LOL

As I assembled the sugar/sweetener packets I did put just a pinch of sand in each one before gluing closed. I also filled the bag of coffee with some cheap small beads to make it feel like it was full of coffee beans. I haven't filled the coffee cups yet although I might try to do just that with some resin, I am not sure if it would work or not though.

If you have any questions about the kit be sure to post them and I will try to answer you quickly. 

All of my assembled items from this kit
the Dunkin Doughnuts things in the kit: paper bag, coffee bag, 2 coffee cups, some sugar/sweetener packets and the doughnut box (there's an insert for the box too see below)

Another view

my finished box of doughnuts complete with doughnuts made from polymer clay along with the printed insert that comes with the kit

milk carton, juice carton, box of cereal and box of instant oatmeal

eggs and sausage

English muffins, butter and cream cheese
I put polymer clay English muffins in mine but here is the printed insert that comes with the kit

Tea box and tea bags

another view of the box

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  1. how hard would they be to print smaller.. for a 1:4 doll?