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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Contemporary Minis Collection- set #4 Family Fun Night

My fourth set in the Contemporary Minis Collection arrived this week and I just had to sit right down and make it up. I did remember to take a few pictures to show you how it comes and what I was using to put my kit together. 

Everything put together

I know I have said this before but I love these sets and they are well worth the money if you are looking for some fun accessories for your dolls. The subscription costs $4.98 plus $1.55 for shipping and handling per month (inside the United States, check the website for costs to other areas). You do get a bonus this way, at the end of year you will get an additional kit (#13) along with #12 for no additional cost. It is kind of like Christmas every month when the CD comes in the mail. The files come on a CD in PDF format and are easy to print out on most computers.  Go to Ann's website here for more details.

This month's disc

I think the most important thing in printing these is to remember to check that you have your printer set to print the page with no borders so that the entire design gets printed at the correct size.

I like to be sure to print out the page on the disc that has the photos of the projects, it helps me to keep straight what I am doing and not make mistakes in the assembly.

Be sure to read on the instructions and the individual pages to see what type of paper to print each one on. This set most of the pages were to be printed on a semi-gloss photo paper but a couple needed to be printed on normal sheets of paper. I also like to make sure I am using a high quality on my printing.

my printed pages

After all your pages are printed out gather up your tools. This is the list of what I like to use and it does vary a bit from what Ann at Print Minis has on the list that comes with the set. These are just what I am more comfortable using and what works for me. If you buy the sets look at her list and decide what makes the most sense for you.

What I had on the table:
The pages I printed from the disc

Cutting mat, I use the back side of one of my self healing mats that I also use for sewing. I try to keep the front side reserved for fabric and use the back for crafting.

Glue- I like to use a thinner tacky glue or a regular tacky glue

Super glue, I keep this on hand for those spots that don't want to stay where I want them.

Toothpicks- I like to spread glue with these (Ann suggests a paint brush)

Craft knife

Straight edge ruler to cut against (I like a clear one so I can see what I am doing better)

Dental pick- for scoring lines to be folded
Scissors for some of the cutting

Manicure scissors (the curved kind) to cut the round parts

I usually have my small detail scissors too but I couldn't find them this time so I had to make due with the other scissors.

Not shown- I also keep my container of wet wipes close by to wipe up any glue that gets where it shouldn't be.

The process of making these is pretty simple just carefully cut out the individual pieces, score any areas that are to fold and glue them together. It does help to have the photos of the completed items that come on the disc to refer to as you work. I typically finish one page at a time.

These are really fun to do and turn out really nice if you take your time and work carefully.

So here are some pictures of the individual items, I am sure you will see them in the future in some of my “Allison's Journal” posts.

Playing cards and box (not a full deck of cards but enough to stage a cute scene)

2 books of crossword puzzles- they have a couple of pages in them

Puzzle box, I glued this box closed

Yahtzee game box- see the details on the bottom! and you get a couple of the game pages to print out

Trivial Pursuit game box and 4 game cards again wonderful details

Candy Land game box- this one just has the box

Twister Dance DVD game box with a sleeve for the game DVD (no DVD included)

Clue Jr game- the most complete in the set and it all fits in the box

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