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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's Day Party

Since we baked all those cookies yesterday we texted the gang and had everyone come over today for an early Valentine's Day party.

I put our cookies out on a really pretty platter I found in the cabinet. It was white with red, pink and gold sparkles in the design. I thought it looked really pretty with our cookies.
I think this platter will look really pretty.

Molly fastened some balloons in a vase and set them on the stove since we wouldn't need to use it today.
Allison, I think these balloons will look nice over here, don't you?

I got out some cans of soda and some suckers that we picked up on a quick run to the store. 
I'm glad we remembered to pick up soda and found that candy at the store

Jazzy was the first one to arrive, she even made some Valentine cards for each of us. They were really pretty. 

Jazzy arrived with some homemade Valentine cards for each of us.


Next to arrive was Jennifer, she came as soon as she got home from her dance class. She was really glad we had soda and cookies and candy since she said she was starving after all that dancing. LOL

Hi guys! I just got out of dance class and I am soooo hungry and those cookies look so pretty.

Oh thank you I really need something to drink now too.

Michael and Jeremy came in next, they were afraid we had already eaten all the cookies but we had waited until they got there before we started. 

Did you save anything for us???

Hey, you even waited for us.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!


  1. Nicely done! More please -- more cookies and more stories! Linda

  2. I also saw the video about the kitchen you made for these dolls. Are you going to have instructions for the pieces, so we can also make them?