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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Meet Kati

A page from Allison's Journal

Kati just moved in next door, She is going to be living with her grandparents from now on. Since school is already out for the summer I decided it would be nice to invite my friends over for the afternoon so she could meet everyone.

Mom made some chocolate chip cookies and picked up some soda for us.

Jazmin arrived first- she is always ready to excited to meet new people. Her mom had made some of her famous lemon bars so she let Jazmin bring some of them. YUMMMMM It was so hard to not eat them all before everyone got here.

Jennifer was next to arrive. She had met Kati a couple of years ago when Kati had spent the summer at her grandparents house. Molly was late but she texted me so we wouldn't get worried about her. 

When she got here she had big news! There are new people moving into the house next door to her and they have 2 girls our age. She invited them to come today but they said they really needed to help with the unpacking.

Molly also got to meet their new baby brother! He is only about a month old and she said he is soooooo cute! 

Micheal and Jeremy showed up about then. They wanted to get a snack to take with them. They decided that since the weather is so nice today that they wanted to go on a hike. After they said hi to everyone they grabbed some snacks and took off for a nice long hike. 


Us girls decided to hang out in my room and play some games for a couple of hours. 

I think we are going to have a lot of fun this summer. Just think 3 new girls in the neighborhood and mom said the house at the end of our road just went up for sale too. I wonder if another new friend might move in there???

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