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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Product Review- Doll Costume Dress Up book

Since I just got this book a couple of weeks ago and have had time to actually make something out of it I thought I would do a quick review on it. I admit I am a huge Joan Hinds fan. I own several of her doll pattern books, a couple of her DVDs and a few of her patterns. They are my go to patterns when I want to make something quickly that I know will be really cute and easy. I also go her patterns when I am in the mood to be creative and customize the pattern since most are very basic and work well to customize.

The Doll Costume Dress Up book contains 20 really cute patterns for doll size costumes that would be perfect either for Halloween or just for general dress up. Joan divides the costumes into 3 basic categories: Fun and Fancy Costumes, Traditional Halloween Costumes and Playtime Costumes.

One really nice change that this book has that none of my other Joan Hinds books have is that the patterns are all on a CD in the back of the book. All of my other books by this author have paper patterns included, some printed directly in the book to be scanned, some on regular pattern tissue, and the rest on large sheets of paper that you have maneuver to get into you the scanner to make copies of what you need.

The first chapter of this book (and of most of Joan's books) is dedicated to measuring/fitting, some general sewing tips and some of her techniques that will make your sewing much easier. The first chapter in this book also includes two accessory items to use with some of the rest of the costumes in the book: a mask and a slip with hoops.

The Fun and Fancy section has patterns for: a Fairy (lilac outfit on the book cover), a Ballerina, a Wedding Gown, Cinderella, a Southern Belle (green dress on the cover of the book) and Little Bo Peep.

The Traditional Halloween section has patterns for: a Witch, a Pumpkin, a Kitty Cat (with instructions to change it to a leopard, a dog or a mouse) and a Clown.

The Playtime section has patterns for: a Pirate, a Mermaid (also on the book cover), a Cowboy, a Superhero, a Pilgrim, a Sock Hop Dancer (with a poodle skirt), a Ladybug, a Doctor and a Gypsy.

I decided to make the witch costume from the book for my Molly. With the exception of the rick-rack trim that I had to buy the rest of the fabrics and materials came from my stash. The lace leggings are from a different pattern but look a lot like the ones the doll in the book is wearing. I love purple so that was the color I made my version out of I do love purple and black for Halloween.

Really the only problem I had with the pattern was getting the rick-rack to cooperate to make the trim used on the bodice. Other than that it was smooth sailing. I made the pattern just as specified without making any alterations in the sizing and I think it fits Molly just fine. I did like the fact that Joan suggests using your pinking shears to cut out some of the areas so you don't have to hem. This saved a lot of time and makes the dress go together very quickly.

I am really looking forward to having time to make more of the costumes from the book. There are several that are tempting me. I am pretty sure you will be seeing more of the outfits on this blog around Halloween time if not before.

My opinion of the book (and just about any of the Joan Hinds books I have ever seen) is that it is definitely a good purchase. I can see myself going back to the patterns in this book many times in the future.

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