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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Product Review- The Perfect Party Dress DVD

Let me preface this review with the statement that I love Joan Hinds patterns! I purchased my first Joan Hinds' book when I first starting doing the 18” dolls, it was an impulse buy because it was on sale. At the time I had no idea who she was or anything about her or her designs. I took the book home and fell in love. One of the things I love about her books is the way she explains everything. If you are new to sewing in general, new to sewing doll clothes or teaching a child to sew doll clothes I highly recommend her books and DVDs. I also love the simplicity of her designs for the more advanced sewer they leave a world of possibilities for customizing.

The Perfect Party Dress has will video guide you step by step as you complete the pattern to sew a really cute party dress for your favorite 18” doll. Joan even spends some time telling you how to measure to be sure the dress will fit your doll.

The pattern used is conveniently located right on the disk as a PDF file so you can print it off via your computer's printer. Just be sure that you choose the “no borders” option and that you are printing at 100% size to make sure it will come out the correct size.

Also included on the disk is a pattern for a very simple pair of doll size shoes.

So what do I think of the DVD and pattern?

As far as the pattern I am going to have to assume it is up to Joan's normal standards because I haven't made the dress or shoes. I can tell you I have used a lot of her patterns in the past and have usually been very happy with them. As for the style of the dress it is a very simple dress with a straight cut gathered skirt, a lined bodice and short puffy sleeves. She even adds a cute ribbon belt with a flower accent. As for the shoes, they are very simple ballet flats. I think that there are other patterns out there that will result in a nicer shoe but those would be much more difficult to make. For a beginner (especially if you have never made a pair of doll shoes) I think this would be a good pattern.

I did enjoy watching the DVD and I feel the instructions are given in way that even a beginning sewer could follow and be successful. My only real criticism of the video is that Joan repeatedly sewed over her pins. I know a lot of people do but I cringe every time I see it done. I know first hand how much damage that can do to your sewing machine so I am very careful not sew over pins unless it can't possibly be helped.

I can say I would fully recommend this DVD especially like I said earlier if you or someone you are helping is just starting out sewing doll clothes.

Look for another review soon on the latest Joan Hinds doll clothes book.

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