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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Look what I got in the mail!!!

It feels kind of like Christmas this week around here. I decided to use the free shipping offer from American Girl last week to place a small order and it arrived yesterday.

So this I suppose is a haul blog, in a way I photographed the opening but I have to admit I had already opened the box before it got anywhere near a camera! LOL

Don't you just love to get packages in the mail??

You see it came in the mail and since I get all my mail at the post office that meant driving to the post office. My oldest son's girlfriend rode along with me and there was no way we were even leaving the post office parking lot without tearing into that box! We had to at least peak at everything right away. So this morning I did my best to get everything back into the box so you could see how it looked when it arrived. 

What do you suppose is in here???

The biggest thing I got was one of the new puppy dogs. I absolutely fell in love with them as soon as I saw them in the catalog. I decided to get the chocolate lab and it is sooooooo cute! Just as the catalog description states she is possible. She can almost sit, not quite but close enough. The fur covering her is so soft and her face is so sweet. I love that they have included a magnet in the nose area of the new animals so they can carry their toys. I have some plans for making some more pet toys that will take advantage of this. 


Also for the puppy I got the Treats and Eats Pet Set. This contains two bowls, a mat, a pile of doggy treats, and a canister to hold more treats. It also includes a sheet of stickers to decorate the canister and bowls with if you so desire. I am sure I will be making some more little dog treats, there will probably be a tutorial for them in the future so keep your eyes open. 

What could this be?

So much easier to see out of the packaging
Showing the sheet of stickers


You can expect to see a new Allison's Journal blog post about the new puppy in the near future too.

Also in this order was a pair of doll size sunglasses and a Seattle AG store shirt. I recently purchased a pair of sunglasses at Joann's made by the Springfield company and I wanted to do a comparison of the two pair. I am curious how different they are in quality, the price is different for sure.

they are packed nicely

so cute

they even have a case

Since AG recently put the store logo t-shirts on the sale area of their site I decided to pick up on for the dolls from the Seattle store. I was actually in Seattle in March and had planned to get up to the AG store but between bad timing and bad weather we just didn't get that far. Hopefully another trip is in my near future and the AG store will be at the top of my list this time for sure. In the meantime the girls can share this shirt.

Hard to see in the package

so much easier out of the plastic

Molly shows off the t-shirt and sunglasses.

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