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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Decorating the Front Porch for Halloween

Michael and I decided to help out mom and dad by taking over the decorating of the front porch for all the different holidays that are coming up. Today we got a start by getting out some of the Halloween decorations.

What the front porch looked like before we started

It is a beautiful day so we didn't even need jackets, sure a big difference from a couple of days ago when it was raining and the wind was blowing.

we gathered up what we have so far to decorate with

We picked out some real pumpkins at the store yesterday and they look really nice next to the big fake one that mom got a while back. We also got to pick out a nice light up pumpkin decoration at the store. I think that when they are all on the porch together they look really nice.

our two real pumpkins with the fake one

Light up pumpkin from the store

I even got busy and made a wreath for the front door. Who says you can't have a Halloween themed wreath? I think it turned out really nice.

my wreath

Michael is this straight??

Do you think we need to get more decorations? I think it still looks a little bit empty but we may have to wait until the sales after Halloween and then get more stuff to use next year. 

all done! time to step back and see how it turned out.