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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Doll Size Easter Candy

This week I thought it would be fun to make some various candies for the dolls to enjoy in their Easter Baskets. There are so many different candies in the stores and I had a really hard time deciding on just 4. Maybe next year we can make some other kinds, let me know if you would like that.

So I decided to start off with a chocolate Easter Bunny. I mean how could I not make a big old chocolate bunny? This one is super easy because I found some little glitter covered Styrofoam bunnies at the dollar store. They are a little bit on the plump side but I figured since chocolate bunnies in real life come in all shapes and sizes they would work just fine. I love that all they require is a bit of painting. I think these might be a fun project to do with kids too.

The first step for these bunnies was to add a handle to them using a wooden skewer from the kitchen. This allowed me to paint the entire bunny at one time and not make a mess. The first coat I used was Gesso, I think this step is important for a couple of reasons mostly to cover the glitter so the texture wouldn't ruin the finished look of our bunnies. The other main reason was to anchor that glitter down so it wouldn't flake off in the future. Use whatever color of brown craft paint you have that looks like chocolate. Just be sure that all the products you use on the bunnies are water based (just check that it cleans up with soap and water) and that it is brush on. If you remember these two things you shouldn't have to worry about the foam the bunnies are made from melting. I did cover my paint with a satin clear finish to make it look more like chocolate. Unfortunately I got some bubbles in my finish, blowing on the wet finish helps to take off some but I still have some showing if you look closely.

The next candy project was a bag of “Mini Eggs” for this I used a printable from Ann Venture's site Paper Minis (click here to go to Ann's site) This particular printie is one of the ones that is available for free if you subscribe to Ann's newsletter. It is really worth checking out, she has wonderful printies on her site. I like to fill the candy bag with some small cheap beads so it sounds and feels like it has candy inside. Totally optional but so fun. 


Our next candy also used one of Ann's free printables- Peeps! I know that a lot of kids love those things. The printie is for pink ones so that is what I made. One option here is to use the peep filler piece in your box like I did for the bunny shaped ones and then you don't even have to touch any clay! If you want to make some Peeps out of clay I do recommend using the Model Magic from Crayola. It works so nicely for projects like this and it stays just a bit squishy, just like the real thing. I did have some problems getting my pink color the way I wanted it. My set of chalk didn't have the perfect pink so I mixed purple with my bright pink. I really think if I had used the light purple instead of the dark one it would have been really close to perfect. I decided to leave in the color I did use, it is still cute and you can learn from my mistakes too.

For our last candy I decided to make some of the foil wrapped chocolates. Those were always the biggest hit with my kids. I show you how to make both the flat egg shaped kind and the actual egg shaped ones. You can make yours whatever size you want. I like to use the foil from the real candy but it can be a pain to remove sometimes so I showed you an alternative by making some with some regular aluminum foil and some Sharpie markers. Just use a bit of rubbing alcohol to mix the colors. 


For the photos I am using a really sweet basket from a pattern that the nice ladies at Lee & Pearl gave out to their newsletter subscribers. I am told  they will have the free pattern available through the end of this year here is the link to their site  so you subscribe to their newsletter to get this along with another free pattern plus lots of really cool ideas. 


  1. Thanks for the video wish I had run across this a couple weeks ago, about made myself crazy making 1 inch scale ! Ended up squirtng puffy paint onto wax paper in shape of peeps (sort of) :) Also made some 1/3 candy will post someday Found you via Ann V's site Elaine