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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Seattle Trip Haul

Since my main reason for going to Seattle was to attend the Dollhouse Show let's start with the item I got there that can be used for the 18” dolls. One of the my very favorite dealers at the show is Ruth Stewart of Stewart Dollhouse Creations. Ruth creates and sells some really nice silicone molds for use with polymer clay. I first found her last year at the Seattle show and fell in love with the items I got from her then. This year she was one of the first tables I visited since I knew she had a couple of dollhouse scale items I wanted. I was so happy to discover that they are beginning to make items for the 18” dolls too! I was able to get her cupcake mold at the show and ordered one more mold that she will be mailing to me as soon as she gets home from the show. When it arrives I will post a blog about it.  I really recommend you go over and see what all she has even though most of her items are smaller scale she is starting to add our scale too.

One place that was really high on my list of places to go on this trip was the American Girl Store. I had never been to one before and I wasn't going to let the chance slip away from me. I was a good girl though and kept my purchases in line. I only got a few things and I love each one.

I got this cute set of plates and mugs, won't those look cute with some of the foods I show you all how to make? And honestly I have been wanting to get my hands on some mugs so I could double check the size. I do plan to show a couple of different methods of making out own mugs soon. 



I also got the store t-shirt, I love the new design with all the sparkle.


Since I have wanted to read Kaya's books since I first saw her I picked up the set with all 3 of her books too. You see, back when I was growing up I loved whenever we got to study the local Native American people. Kaya's story takes place in what is now the state of Washington so I am super excited about it.

I spent just enough to get the opportunity to purchase the special outfit they were offering so I decided to go ahead and get it. I think it is really cute especially with spring on the way.

The other stop we made on the way home was to Hobby Lobby. I know a lot of you can drop in any time but for me it is a drive of between 100 and 150 miles so I had to stop. I got a couple of things that I am sure will show up in some tutorials over the next few months.

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