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Monday, April 20, 2015

Doll Size Book Collection

This is a long video but I wanted to make sure I showed you how each step goes together. So grab a snack and enjoy watching the books come together.

First I want to thank Ann at Paper Minis for providing the kit so I could show you how to put it together. I do love these kits, as you might have figured out if you have read many of my blogs or watched my videos.

This book set is the latest in the 1/3rd scale kits from Paper Minis and like all the others in this scale it comes to you on a disk so you can print it at home with your own computer and printer. I really do like this format the best since I can re-print a page if I mess up at all. It takes a lot of the stress out of making the printy kits.

With this kit you get to make 4 books that actually open, one is complete with the story so you can read it too. You also get the sleeve that houses the books.

My daughter was (still is actually) a real book worm, she got that from me. She read constantly growing up and her favorite gifts were books. She especially loved to get book sets that came in the sleeve/box like these doll size books do.

In the set we get 4 classic books: Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Bears, Hey Diddle Diddle and Miss Muffet. The art work is all very nice and vintagy so the set would work with almost any time frame your dolls live in from the turn of the last century to now.

The first thing you will need to do is print off the pages. This is really easy because Ann tells you what kind of paper to use. Some of the pages need to be on cardstock weight and some on regular weight paper. I do keep a ream of the best quality paper I could find on hand for printing out my printies. I also have a collection of other various papers to choose from for the other parts of the kit. This time I used just standard white cardstock from Joann's for the heavy weight parts (the sleeve and the book interfacings)

Just remember to set your printer to print with no borders on all pages so everything will fit together and be the correct size.

I usually let my printies set overnight so I am sure the ink is completely dry even though this is probably not necessary.

Ann has the list of tools you will need to assemble the book set and I use mostly the same things. I do make these my way which I have developed over time and making a lot of printies. I am sure after you assemble some you will find what works for you.

Be sure to score every where that you will be folding, this makes your finished books so much nicer.

The best advice I can give you is just to take your time, read the directions, watch how I did it and practice each step. Try folding all your parts before you add any glue. Know where everything goes and how it goes.

And remember it is just paper, if you mess up go back to the computer and print it off again. 


One thing I do want to mention is to have a good amount of glue stick glue available. I did go through just about an entire glue stick putting together my kit. (I thought you should know so that you would be prepared and not run out)

I love these kits and I hope you do too.

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