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Monday, October 26, 2015

Doll Size Halloween Whoopie Pies

This week I thought it would be fun to continue the Halloween party food theme for the dolls. I was looking at one of my many cookbooks the other day and ran across a recipe for people size Halloween Whoopie pies. I decided that they would be a perfect project for doll size and even though this batch is Hallween theme you can easily make them fit any time of year and be any flavor you wish by just adjusting the the decorations and changing the color of clay you use.

I used a roughly equal mix of Original Sculpey and Tangerine Fimo. Any white and orange clays would work for this project.

Once again this week I used a clay cutter to portion out the clay this is really the easiest way to make sure that all your pieces come out the same size when you are done. It does save you a lot of work in the long run, trust me on this one.

To texture I am using some tools you have seen me use before on my tutorials if you have been watching me for very long: the pot scrubber and a toothbrush. I do prefer the pot scrubbers from the dollar store because they have a softer, finer texture than the ones from the regular grocery store but either will work fine. The toothbrush is one of my most used tools when it comes to texturing clay especially when I am making baked goods.

Also again this week I formed my clay cakes (?) on my piece of sandpaper. This really cuts down on the amount of work you need to do to get wonderful “baked” texture. I think this particular piece of sandpaper has finally gotten to the end of its useful life however since it stuck to so many of the clay pieces. I think this was at least the 6th time I had baked on it though so it has gotten a bit of use. I might try to use it again we shall see.

The faces are really fun to paint using the Scribbles 3-D fabric paint. Use your imagination and see what faces you can come up with.

Also if you have been watching my channel you probably weren't surprised to see the tube of caulk show up again this week. It really does make the perfect frosting.

I think the most important step with these to make sure you allow enough time to let each step dry before you go onto the next step.

I hope you enjoyed this project, be sure to subscribe/ follow me to see more projects.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Allison's Journal: I'm having a Halloween Party!!

I am so excited I just had to share the news, mom said I could have a Halloween party next week!

I have been asking for a long time- it seems like ages anyway. And she finally agreed to it.

We picked up paper plates and invitations today on the way home from my skating lesson. 

I love the plates we got they are going to really to set the stage I think.

Mom says I can get some decorations this weekend but since I loved the plates soooo much she let me get them today.

On the way back from getting the invitations and paper plates we passed the new bakery. They had just put some Halloween Whoopie Pies in the window and they looked sooo good, and I was sooo hungry from skating that I begged mom to get some so we can taste them. I told her it was her fault she should know better than let me walk in front of the bakery after skating practice. LOL

I got busy with the invitations as soon as I got home
Anyway as soon as I got home I filled out the invitations so I can take them to school tomorrow and hand them out to my friends. I hope they can all come. It will be lots of fun.

1 done, lots more to do

aren't they cute??

I love these paper plates!

Now I need to think about a menu..... I think pizza and soda and maybe Chelsea and I make a bat shaped cake. Oh, and I hope mom will pick up some more of these whoopie pies they are yummy.

I need to look at the decorations too, I think we have some left from last year. And I know Micheal wants to get some pumpkins this weekend too so we can use those.

So much to do in the next week. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Doll Size Bat Cake for Halloween

This week I am showing you how to make a bat cake for the dolls. For those of you that also follow my dollhouse scale tutorials this will be a little bit familiar. I did a similar cake over there last week.

I just love this bat cake and have been making it in dollhouse scale for many years. I wanted to adapt it to the larger 18” dolls this year also. In the smaller scale I use a polymer clay base but I wanted to go a different route for this scale. I felt it would be a lot of wasted clay to make a cake this size when you will never see the inside. So I started thinking about alternatives to the clay. I thought of and discounted several options but I kept coming back to the Styrofoam base. I felt it was inexpensive and light weight as well as easy to work with.

My local Joann's didn't have a huge selection of Styrofoam to choose from but they did have something that would work. I was able to find a sheet that is 15/16” thick and the sheet measures 11 15/16” by 17 15/16” so let's just round that all up to 1” thick and 12” by 18” just to make this not hurt our brains. The cost of the sheet was around $6 or $7 and I did have a 40% off coupon to use.

Before I started the video I used a 3” cookie cutter (from the kitchen) to cut 2 circles (cake layers) and on camera I cut one of those in half. I then used my 1 ½” round clay cutter to give that straight cut edge some shape to look like a bat wing.
So far this is really easy isn't it?? Don't worry it doesn't get much harder the rest of the project.

Now we need to frost our “cake layers” I love the way latex caulking looks just like frosting and it is so easy to color with acrylic paint. I do prefer to use the paint in the tubes over the bottles of craft paint simply because it doesn't dilute the paint as much. I used mostly Burnt Umber with just a bit of Raw Umber to make it a bit darker. The paints I used today are just the cheap ones from Joann's. Don't worry if you don't get your “frosting” as dark as you want it we are going to paint over it after we get the cake layers all frosted. The color we add now is just make it easier to get a rich chocolate brown later. We could leave it white and just paint it but it will be harder to get it dark enough and any place that you either miss in the painting or that gets chipped later will show. This way those mistakes won't haunt us later.

On this scale I like to frost the sides of the pieces then let that dry and then frost the tops. It is so much easier this way because you have a dry place to hold onto while you are frosting.

Since the Styrofoam has so much texture and is also sooo porous you might as well plan on putting on 2 coats of the frosting mixture. Even after the two coats I still had a few spots that were showing the texture underneath.

Don't worry that the color of these coats of frosting isn't even we are now going to give our cake a top coat of the chocolate color paint. When this dries we will be left with a cake that looks like it was frosted with some rich yummy chocolate frosting.

For the base I used a piece of foamcore that was left from another project. I always have foamcore left over so it was easy. Use whatever you have a piece of cardboard from a cardboard box or even some of the paper board that we use from food type boxes (I would use 2 layers of this though) I cut mine 5” by 10” to give a generous serving board. You can make yours whatever size works best for you. Now cover your board with some aluminum foil to make it look like a real serving board under a cake.

Now the fun part let's add some decorating to this bat. I love to use Scribbles 3_D fabric paint whenever I need the look of decorator's icing. It works great and is inexpensive. I used the hot chocolate and winter white colors. I got to thinking after I had finished the cake that it would have been really cute to use some of our marshmallows we made for the s'mores as eyes for our bat. Maybe next year.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Doll Size Chocolate Chip Cookies

This week I thought it would be fun to show you yet another really easy cookie made from polymer clay.

I know I love chocolate chip cookies and I am sure the dolls do too so join me and make a batch of these today.

We are going to start off by making our “chocolate chips” these are made from any dark brown (chocolate color) polymer clay you happen to have. Today I used some Suede Brown from Sculpey III but I have also used Fimo's Chocolate color and I am sure that Premo has a color that would work also.

Roll your chocolate color clay into a thin snake (or 2) and bake these according to the directions on the clay package. Allow these to cool and then using a sharp blade cut little pieces to represent the chocolate chips in the cookies. The exact shape and size really don't matter.

Now for our cookie part. We need a dough colored clay for this. Normally I use either Premo's Ecru or Fimo's Sahara but I didn't find any of either in my clay box. What I did find were packages of Sculpey III in Beige and Tan. One of these was too light in color and the other too dark however, mixed in equal amounts the perfect color was made.

Now we need to divide our clay up to make the perfect size cookies. I rolled mine in my pasta machine and then cut it with the ¾” round cutter that was on my table from another project. The size and shape don't matter nearly as much as making getting the same size balls of clay.

After you have your clay cut into the size portions you are happy with roll them all into balls. This is a case where neatness does not help. If you leave a few creases in those balls of clay your cookies will look more realistic.

For making cookies like this I like to work on a piece of coarse grade sandpaper. I had 60 grit today. This will save you a lot of work by texturing the bottoms of your cookies without you having to do anything. For the tops of the cookies I like to use: a pot scrubbing pad, a ball of aluminum foil and a toothbrush. In the video you saw how easy it was to get the texture with these tools.

Now we need to add those chocolate chips to our cookies. I like to use a strand of un-cooked spaghetti as a picking up tool when I am working with tiny, lightweight things like this. Just barely wet the end and use it to pick up and position your chocolate chips. When you are done with it break off the softened end of the spaghetti and put it with your other crafting tools.

Now we need to use some chalks to make our cookies look baked. This is the same process I use with almost all my baked items.

Now all that is left is to bake the clay according to the directions on your clay package.

There now wasn't that easy???

I am pretty sure once you make a batch of these you will be hooked on making clay foods for your dolls.