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Monday, November 16, 2015

Doll Size Cranberry Sauce

This week I thought it would be fun to show you how to make a cute bowl of cranberry sauce for your doll's holiday dinner. I made some cranberry sauce a week or two ago on my dollhouse channel/blog but I wanted to see if I could figure out a way to make it in this bigger scale.

The first challenge was to find something suitable to use for the cranberries. I actually spent a bit of time looking at several stores one day. I finally hit gold at the Dollar Tree. They had bags of “Faux Snow” that were made up of tiny balls of a Styrofoam like material. I was pretty sure they would work providing they took the paint. I was really happy when I started playing with them because they do indeed take paint wonderfully.

So now I was ready to make the project. The thing was to find a bowl to put the sauce into. I have been wanting to show you how to make simple small bowls formed over the flat marbles for a while so this was the perfect time.

If you have a bowl/dish to use feel free to use whatever goes with your doll's style. For this bowls we use a simple process of rolling out clay, cutting it to fit, forming, trimming a baking. Pretty easy and you can make a bunch of bowls at a time this way. Just remember it works the best to take the glass pieces out while they are fresh from the oven and those little things get hot! So be careful.

Once you have a bowl to use it is time to color those little balls of foam in some pretty reds. I like to use more than one color in projects like this because in the end the finished product just looks better. Use whatever red craft paint you have on hand. I think having at least one really dark red is important to make the cranberry sauce look right in the end.

Once the cranberries are dry mix some of the darkest red paint with some Triple Thick and then mix in enough cranberries to fill your bowl. Get everything mixed around really well then transfer to your serving dish. Now would be the time to add a spoon handle if you are going to want one in there. You would really just need the handle not the entire spoon for this since that is all that will show.

Allow to dry before proceeding.

This is where my camera decided to not record correctly. I ended up with a corrupted file instead of my showing you how to do some touch-ups to the paint.

First I used the darkest red paint on a small brush and worked it under and around the cranberries in the bowl. In retrospect I think if I make this again I will paint the inside of the bowl with the red paint as deep as I plan to put the cranberries, it would be a lot easier.

Next I used a bit of white paint to cover any red paint that was on the bowl in places I didn't want it. (like the huge fingerprint I managed to get on the side of one of the bowls LOL)

After the touch-up paint dried we just need to coat everything with a nice coat of Triple Thick and we are done. Be sure to do this in 2 steps so you can set the bowls down on the side that is dry.

So I think this project turned out really cute. I hope you enjoy it too. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Doll Size Salad

This week I am showing you a project I have been wanting to do for a long time. I had to wait until the Christmas decorations started to show up in most of the stores first though because we need to use some of the artificial snow that is sold to scatter under the Christmas villages. You need the kind that has the clear and white flakes but no iridescent ones. If all you can get are the bags with some of the iridescent flakes you will have to pick out all of those flakes.

You will also need 3 or 4 colors of green craft paint and a bottle of a grape color craft paint. At least that is what you will need to make a nice bag of mixed salad greens. If your dolls just want iceberg lettuce then you can probably get by with only a bottle of green. In real life I like the mixed greens for my salad so that is what I always make in doll size. It is just so much prettier with the extra colors.

You will also need a zip lock sandwich bag for each color of paint. The process is simple enough just put the desired amount of snow into the sandwich bag and add the paint a drop or two at a time. You really don't need much so start with less paint than you think you will need and add more if needed. Zip the sandwich bag shut and use your fingers to rub the snow and paint together inside the bag. If you are careful it won't be too messy. I have had the bags break a few times and that can be messy.

This is a fun project that even the kids can do with very little supervision.

After you have the color spread through the snow open the bag and let it partially dry in the bags. Once the paint is mostly dry dump all the bags out onto a paper plate to allow it to completely dry.

That really is all there is to it.

You can add some slices of the carrots and celery I have shown in past tutorials.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Doll Size Grocery Kit

A while back my friend Ann over at Paper Minis contacted me to see if I would be able to share her new kit for the 18” dolls with you when it was ready. Of course I jumped at the chance since I am a huge fan of Ann's kits and love every one of them.

This time she is providing our 18” doll with a wonderful set of modern day groceries, the Contemporary Groceries kit.

Like all of Ann's kits for 18” dolls this one comes to you on a CD that contains PDF files that you then print off via your computer's printer.

The home page that you first see when you open the files gives you links to all the printable pages as well as a photograph of the finished project.

Be sure to look at Ann's recommendations for what paper to print on. I did vary a bit from her recommendations in that she suggests printing the page with the can lids on regular paper. I used cardstock for that and most of the pages. I did use regular paper for the page with the bags of sugar, flour and the grocery bag.

This is a fairly easy kit to assemble especially if you have done any printables in the past. I do recommend taking your time and spreading this kit out over several sessions because there are a lot of pieces to construct.

Also I only work on 1 page at a time most of the time. It is easier to keep track of all the parts this way. The only exception to this was I did cut all the cans at one time even though they were on two pages. The trick with the pen is optional but it really helps the paper pieces look like they are real metal cans so I recommend taking that small extra step. The metallic Sharpies are not that expensive and I use mine often.

I had already finished my filming before I noticed that I somehow missed the little box of butter when I was going over all the things that are in the kit. I took pictures of groups of the things from the kit so hopefully you can see them better.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Party- Allison's Journal

There are so many things to do to get ready for a party. First I had to get all the invitations ready and delivered. I gave them to all my friends but I don't think everyone can come. I know that there are other parties going on that night and there is a big dance competition out of town so Jennifer probably won't make it. Her mom said she would bring her if they get home in time.

Jazmine is going to be here and of course Molly and Jeremy. At least Michael, Chelsea and I will have fun no matter who else can come.

When we got home from school yesterday Chelsea and I baked and decorated a cake that looks like a bat. It is sooo cool I can't wait to eat it at the party.

This morning I worked really hard getting everything ready. I put the candy we got for trick or treaters into the candy bowl.

I put the whoopie pies that mom picked up at the bakery onto the board with our cake. I wonder if anyone would notice if I ate this one?? I'd better not, they are for the party.

I made up a plate of veggies, I even put some peanut butter in some of the celery. That is Jazmine's favorite snack.

I put some cans of Coke into a big tub of ice so it will stay cold. Dad put it out in the garage to stay cold. He says he will dump off any water from the ice melting and add more ice just before the party.

I put out some licorice onto a plate.

Then I got all the paper plates set out for the party.

Mom called the pizza place and ordered the pizza to be delivered just before the party starts.

Now I need to go get my costume on!

While I was getting ready for the party Chelsea put up some decorations in the kitchen. I think they look really cute what do you think?

Michael tried to sneak some candy out of the bowl but we all caught him. Jeremy came in just about then.

Also while I was getting ready Dad brought the bucket of soda back into the kitchen and the pizza came! It looks so good, I love Canadian Bacon and Pineapple pizza. 

Jazmine got a ride from Molly's mom so they got here at the same time.

Jennifer called me on her way home from her dance competition and said that her mom said they would be early enough that she could come by for a while. She even had time to get her costume on before she arrived.

The bat cake and the whoopie pies were a huge hit, I wish all of you could have been here to enjoy the party with us.

We all had a good time eating and talking. We played some board games and watched scary movies. I forgot to take pictures after we ate, sorry but next time I will try to remember.

We do want to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!!