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Monday, January 25, 2016

Doll Size Rubber Spatula

This week I thought I would add to the doll's kitchen inventory with a rubber spatula (or several).

This idea came to me while I was washing my dishes after making some cookies the other day. I have always loved the shape and design of a good rubber spatula and it occurred to me that it would be a fun polymer clay project to make for the dolls. The shapes are simple and although this project takes some time due to the repeated bakings it is still really simple.

We start with our handle and a skinny stick from the craft store is the perfect place to start. We just need to make it the correct length but cutting it to 3 ½” long. (go ahead and make a mark ¾” from one end now too) Just be really careful when ever you are cutting things like the skinny stick. Always use the correct tools and don't try to make due with a pair of scissors.

Now we can add some shape to our handle by sanding it with an emery board. The end that you marked needs to be rounded but the other end can be any shape you desire. Go check out the real spatulas online or in the store to get ideas.

I actually made several of these the other day to work out the best way to go about getting the correct shape. I didn't want to loose the cool shape that the real spatulas have. I found that by adding a thin layer of clay that will be covered up with more clay the dimensions were much better.

Just follow what I did in the video and you will be fine.

Remember to have fun with the project and make a variety of shapes of spatulas for your dolls.

Oh, and as far as color goes this is a good place to have fun too since the real ones come in a rainbow of colors you can make them just about any color you wish. 

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