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Monday, April 25, 2016

Doll Size Nachos

This week I decided to take some of those tortilla chips we made last week (if you missed that video it right here) and make some nachos. I know my kids love nachos so I bet the dolls will too. (heck I love nachos too)

For this project we only need a couple of things in addition to the chips we made last week. We need a container of some kind to put them in. I used one of the small square plates from one of those appetizer sets from the party store. I also thought about using some card stock to make one of the boat things that some of the fast food nachos come in. Maybe we will do that for a future project. The only other things you actually need is glue (Beacon 527) and some fabric paint in a nacho cheese color. I am using up a bottle of a brand I have never seen since I got this one. I know that Scribbles 3-D paints has a color that is really close. You want a yellow orange color. Optionally you might want some toppers, I mixed up small amounts of red, black and a leafy green clay with equal parts translucent clay, rolled them really thin, baked them off and cut tiny bits to represent chopped tomatoes, olives and pepper. I also took some scrap white clay to make a bit of filler for my plate so I could get a bit more height to my finished nacho without using so many chips. At the end I also used some white Scribbles 3-D paint for some sour cream.

Making a doll nacho is pretty similar to making a real one at this point other than you have to use some glue and you have to wait for everything to dry.

If you add the sour cream to yours be sure to let the cheese dry first so that the sour cream will sit nicely on top of it and not mix in and sink down. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Doll Size Tortilla Chips

This week we are going to make some really adorable tortilla chips for the dolls from polymer clay.

I admit it does take a while to get the right mixture of clay colors to make these look like the real thing. I do like to have some chips on hand but I also keep in the mind that different brands of chips are slightly different colors, so don't be too hard on yourself. Aim to get a believable/recognizable color. Basically you are going to need 3 colors of clay- a white, a yellow and a brown. I used Original Sculpey for the white, Premo Cadmium Yellow, and Fimo Caramel. Use the colors you have on hand. Starting with a piece of white clay add one of your colors (I suggest starting with yellow) and mix them together completely. This will give you a clay that is too yellow, add some brown and mix completely, if you are really lucky you will have a color that is close to the chip in front of you. (or a picture if that is all you have) if the color isn't right yet, decide if you need more brown or more yellow and add just a bit of that color.

Just so you know, I have been making these chips in the dollhouse scale for over a decade and I never get the mix right the first time. I have to go back and forth adding a bit of yellow and a bit of brown and I usually have to repeat that a few times. Remember it doesn't take much of the colored clay to tint the whole batch so add in small amounts.

Now we need to add some brown sand to make the little brown bits that are visible in most real tortilla chips. Again just add some and work it in and add more until you have a good sprinkling of brown bits throughout the mixture.

After you get your clay the way you want it the fun can begin.

To make tortilla chips it is simply a matter of cutting a circle and then wedges of the clay. Then the most important part make sure they have some shape to them. Remember the real chips aren't flat and your doll size ones shouldn't be either.

When you get to the end of the clay be sure to add some little bits of the rolled out clay. After all when was the last time you got a bag of chips that didn't have a bunch of little bits at the bottom? 
just because I can never resist taking a picture of the mini food on top of the real thing.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Doll Size French Fries

Snacks are always better when you share them with a friend

I decided it would be fun to show you how to make some French Fries for your dolls today. This is a really simple polymer clay project. It only uses two colors of clay (white and translucent) and some basic colors of chalk pastels. It is also a really good beginner project as far as learning to use the chalks to shade your food.

The fries are such a simple shape and come in so many sizes in real life you really can't go wrong on this project.

I thought you might also like to see a side by side comparison on the the fries we made today with the real one.