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Monday, July 18, 2016

Doll Size Red Onion Slices

I got a request to make some red onion slices for the burgers, so that is today's project.

This is a super easy one it just takes quite a bit of clay.

For the white part of the onion I am using a mixture of Fimo Translucent White with an equal amount of Fimo white. I think any brand of white would work but the Fimo Translucent is a bit different from the Premo. If you use another brand of translucent I think you might need to use a touch more white. The qualities in the Premo that made it perfect for the tomatoes would work against us in this project.

For the red portion of the onion, which of course is really purple not red we need a nice reddish purple. I used Scupley III in Violet because it was the closest to what I wanted. A color a bit darker would be a bit better. Just make sure that the purple you use has a red tint to it not a blue tint.

Just follow the steps that I did to make the cane. I wish I had made my center cane (or core) a bit smaller. Mine turned out to be a little be large in the finished cane for my liking. You can learn from my mistakes on this project.

Another mistake I made was to partially bake the cane before slicing. In the small scales (like the dollhouse scale I usually work in) this works really well. For this larger cane it really didn't help and I think made slicing a bit more difficult. So when you make this just freeze the cane for about 30 minutes and then slice and bake.

I didn't have enough clay to start over and I decided to keep the mistakes in rather than cut them so you can see that I make mistakes and have to work with them sometimes.

Slice the cane as thinly as you can to make the slices look real.

Cut up any scraps and bake them too. They look great in salads and on pizza. I especially like the ones that I wrapped around the dowels to bake. They will look great in future projects. 

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