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Monday, August 15, 2016

Doll Size Cannoli

This week we are making the dolls some Cannoli. I have actually been craving these in real life for a couple of weeks now. I was watching something on Netflix a while back and one of the characters came in with a plate of cannoli and there was a scene where a bunch of the characters were sitting around a table eating cannoli. Then one of my favorite cooking channels on Youtube made cannolis last week. I can't get away from them! I figured since I don't know where to get any locally and it is just too hot right now to make the real thing at least the dolls should be able to enjoy them.

So on to our project.

We need 4 colors of clay, the brands are important on this project just use colors as close to what I used as possible so the color mix will come out correctly.

You need a white, I actually used Original Scupley. This clay comes in a much larger package than the regular polymer clays we normally use. It mixes just fine with the other brands and is much cheaper. I try to always have some on hand. Any white clay will do.

You need something close to Premo Ecru, it is a very light tan/beige color.

You need an orange that is not too strong, kind of a mellow orange color. I used Scupley Sweet Potato.

And finally you need a bright yellow, in this case Fimo Sunflower.

There are 2 ways to look at how much clay you need for this project. The easy way is to start with the yellow. You need a small amount of this. Then of the orange you need twice as much as you used of the yellow. Now double the amount of orange and this is how much of the ecru you need. And double the amount of Ercu and you that is how much white you need.

Or -8 parts white
4 parts Ecru
2 parts Orange
1 part yellow

Mix these colors together thoroughly then roll out and texture the top surface. Use a 1 ½” round cutter to cut the discs of clay. Using a ¼” to 3/8” dowel that has been wrapped in foil as you mold form the cannoli shape. Add texture to the cut edge then use some chalks to give a baked/fried look.

After they bake you need to remove them from the forms immediately. Yes, I know they are hot, that is the idea. While they are still hot they can be removed without breaking them. Once they cool they will become more brittle and you are more likely to break them trying to remove them from the forms.

Now they do need to cool.

For filling I like to chaulking from the paint department of the hardware store. It makes a nice fluffy looking filling. If you want to add “chocolate chips” this needs to be done before the chaulking has started to set up.

I was going to leave them at this point but decided they needed some powdered sugar dusted on the tops. For the powdered sugar use some white chalk. To make it stick just some very light taps of matte Mod Podge.

Once dry your cannoli are finished and ready for the dolls to enjoy.

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