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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Doll Size Fireplace pt 3

This week we are continuing to work on the fireplace by creating a hearth. I was hoping to also get the mantle on but I got snowed in for most of the week and couldn't get to town to pick up supplies.

For the mantle I used one of my favorite building materials, it is a foam insulation board sold at home improvement stores. I have always called it Builder's Foam because that is what the people I learned about it called it. Here is a link on the Home Depot website that shows what the product is so you will know what to look for. I love this stuff for several reasons, it is inexpensive, easy to work with (no power tools required) and can be made to look like a lot of different kinds of surfaces. It also takes water based paint and glue well.

I cut my hearth 6” by 12” because that seemed like a good size for the fireplace. I then roughed up the edges a bit and painted it to look like stone. I do recommend that you be sure to give that coat of white paint as an undercoat no matter what effect you are wanting in the end. Covering that pink color is really important.

I gave a final coat of gloss Mod Podge, either gloss or satin would be fine for this. I would not use a matte finish on the “stone”

I really love how the hearth looks once attached to the fireplace. The project is really starting to come together and look like a fireplace. 

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