Monday, November 14, 2016

Doll Size Pumpkin Pie

This week we are going to make a pumpkin pie. The one I am showing this week is made to be a whole pie as opposed to one that is sliced. If I can get the clay colors I need to make one I will be making a sliced pie next week.

I have been looking for several months for a good doll size pie tin. I had found these tart shell tins a while back but was hoping to find something that was not so deep. Since I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for I decided to use these this year. The main problem I have with this tin is that it is too deep to be in scale. That also means we have to use a lot more clay to make our pies. Not as much of an issue with this version since we can use some filler clay to bulk up the pie. If we do make the sliced pie next week that will require a lot of the colored clay.

For the crust I used the Pemo color Ecru, it makes a really good crust color all by itself.

For the pumpkin filling I usually use the Scullpey in Sweet Potato when I make the pies in the smaller dollhouse scale. I found for this scale that was just a bit too bright (okay, it was a LOT to bright LOL) so I used a small amoung of the Ecru to tone down the color. I am really happy with the color I got this way.

Something I didn't mention in the video, if you want to make an unbaked pie skip the chalk. Then bake off the pie and the dolls will have a pie ready to go in the oven.

I used mostly the same chalks I use everytime I make baked goods. The changes were I added a lighter warm yellow and made sure to not use any of the rust or reddish brown colors. I found that the rust colors made my first pie way too orange.

So I hope you enjoy this project, remember if you make on send my a picture. I love to see what you are making. 

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