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Friday, January 31, 2014

Contemporary Minis Collection- set #3 Reading is Fun-damental Collection

First, no you haven't missed the second set, I haven't gotten them done yet. Well, I have them started but I just haven't gotten finished yet. When I do you will see them.

I love set #3, it is probably my favorite of all the sets. You see it is all books! I love to read and I am sure my dolls do too so this is perfect. These books have titles you might recognize so they fit into a modern day scene easily. They have lots of pages just like a real book, although they are blank pages.

This kit went together really easily and quickly. Just remember to score the covers before you try to fold them.

I did find I needed to print extra pages of the pages,but I did just use regular printer paper for those and not the recommended slightly heavier weight paper. I felt the printer paper would look better and is definitely a better price ( you have 18 pages to print, some multiple times) to fill all these books. So be sure you have plenty of paper before you start.

Probably the most important thing to remember is to double check that you have your printer set up to print your pages with no borders. I found my printer didn't like to stay set up like it was supposed to so I had to check each time, I forgot a few times and got pages that didn't print correctly.

Like all of these kits this one is fun to make and will make staging scenes with my dolls for this blog a lot more fun. They would also add a lot to the imaginative play for kids playing with their dolls. 


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