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Monday, October 12, 2015

Doll Size Chocolate Chip Cookies

This week I thought it would be fun to show you yet another really easy cookie made from polymer clay.

I know I love chocolate chip cookies and I am sure the dolls do too so join me and make a batch of these today.

We are going to start off by making our “chocolate chips” these are made from any dark brown (chocolate color) polymer clay you happen to have. Today I used some Suede Brown from Sculpey III but I have also used Fimo's Chocolate color and I am sure that Premo has a color that would work also.

Roll your chocolate color clay into a thin snake (or 2) and bake these according to the directions on the clay package. Allow these to cool and then using a sharp blade cut little pieces to represent the chocolate chips in the cookies. The exact shape and size really don't matter.

Now for our cookie part. We need a dough colored clay for this. Normally I use either Premo's Ecru or Fimo's Sahara but I didn't find any of either in my clay box. What I did find were packages of Sculpey III in Beige and Tan. One of these was too light in color and the other too dark however, mixed in equal amounts the perfect color was made.

Now we need to divide our clay up to make the perfect size cookies. I rolled mine in my pasta machine and then cut it with the ¾” round cutter that was on my table from another project. The size and shape don't matter nearly as much as making getting the same size balls of clay.

After you have your clay cut into the size portions you are happy with roll them all into balls. This is a case where neatness does not help. If you leave a few creases in those balls of clay your cookies will look more realistic.

For making cookies like this I like to work on a piece of coarse grade sandpaper. I had 60 grit today. This will save you a lot of work by texturing the bottoms of your cookies without you having to do anything. For the tops of the cookies I like to use: a pot scrubbing pad, a ball of aluminum foil and a toothbrush. In the video you saw how easy it was to get the texture with these tools.

Now we need to add those chocolate chips to our cookies. I like to use a strand of un-cooked spaghetti as a picking up tool when I am working with tiny, lightweight things like this. Just barely wet the end and use it to pick up and position your chocolate chips. When you are done with it break off the softened end of the spaghetti and put it with your other crafting tools.

Now we need to use some chalks to make our cookies look baked. This is the same process I use with almost all my baked items.

Now all that is left is to bake the clay according to the directions on your clay package.

There now wasn't that easy???

I am pretty sure once you make a batch of these you will be hooked on making clay foods for your dolls. 

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